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The Nations of Sanity is a movement that is attempting to rally people together under a banner of simple sanity in the hope of saving the world from the criminal insanity that currently engulfs and rules over every nation on this planet. 
The aim is to unite people on a common ground of basic principles, based on a universal morality that most, if not all, rational people can agree on.

Our assertion is that the only way to create a free society with equal rights for all is to establish the NAP (Non Aggression Principle) as the law or the terms of peace, through our 3 part peace agreement.

It is built on a consistent and undeniable moral foundation that ignore the finer ideals that divide so many people and attempts to unite us on a basic ethos of understanding and agreement that is characterised here as simple sanity.  
It is built on a more objective and universally agreeable moral foundation characterised by the Non Aggression Principle.

Do no harm is about as basic as it gets and is the one and only demand you can make of others that is not a violating restriction on their freedom.

The idea is to cut through the various divisions that separate people with a universally unifying foundation, a common ground of basic objective morality. We are essentially saying that if we cannot agree on the finer details then lets at least agree on the basics so we can have a sane society, and then go from there.

No system is perfect but perfection is not the demand we make, nor is it the demand that we propose all good people of this world unite to make.
Forget perfection, we just want sanity.
We are not demanding a perfect society, just a free and sane one will be sufficient.
Utopia is not even theoretically possible, but sanity is.

The Nations of Sanity is built on the premise that there is a common ground that can redefine society.
As is alluded to in the name, this common ground is so basic, simple and fundamentally logical that the most appropriate name for such a revolutionary proposal is “sanity”. That is what we are fighting for.

We are not proposing any kind of “perfect” system, or any kind of idealistic utopia, because we understand that no such utopia can exist for all people, simply because people do not all share the same vision of what utopia would really look like and actually involve.
We all have our own personal preferences and tastes. People are different and most of us agree that such diversity is good because the world would be pretty boring if we all thought and acted the same.
It is diversity of thought and personality, of skills and dreams, of how we all look and act that is part of the richness of life.
Such diversity should be embraced and no laws should infringe on anyone’s individuality or attempt to uniform the human race into some standardised version of itself. Division is inevitable and is neither something we can or should change.
But division should not apply to a basic sense of sanity. It should not apply to such a basic level of morality.
We can embrace a wide variety of diverse ways of life if we can unite on the fundamental rules of life.

Do we all know right from wrong? On a basic level can we all agree on a fundamental morality?
Despite the societies and systems we live in suggesting that we can’t and don’t, there is a lot of evidence to suggest that most, if not all, of us do know the fundamental difference between right and wrong, at least on a very basic and fundamental level. Tap into that and we can break through the more problematic divisions.

If we can all agree on that fundamental morality then we should implement that as our basic law of society.
If we can all agree on what we call common sense and common decency then we should make effort to restore such qualities to a more common status. Not only to remove the irony of calling such apparently rare qualities “common”, but also to define our societal structure under this universally agreeable ethos.

We have no need to quarrel over such basic and simple principles. The Non Aggression Principle, as defined by the Nations Of Sanity, is simply about not causing harm or loss to another. It is really that simple and in such simplistic form it seems indisputable that such a principle is both logicallly and morally consistent.
There is no reason why we cannot replace our current societies with a new system that is built on a solid foundation that clearly defines this simple agreement that all people should be free to pursue happiness and that the only condition to this freedom, the only limit to this freedom, the only law of any land and the only rule to abide by, is the very simple, logical and morally consistent rule that we must do no harm to others.
That is the only condition to our freedom, the only law we must adhere to. We must not cause or threaten harm or loss to another. Outside of that you can be completely free.

It may sound almost child like in its simplicity, but this is only because such a simple and basic ethos is nothing more than a sane and universally agreeable ideal that even a small child could easily understand and accept.
It is only through such childlike simplicity that we will bring real change to such a complicated world.

We are allowing unimaginable horror and suffering to engulf this planet because of our failure to agree on these simple principles and unite under them.
We are allowing criminality and insanity to rule over us and it is way past time that we put an end to this madness before it is too late.

We don’t have to agree on every higher ideal, nor is it reasonable to expect us to ever be able to. But we do have to come together to agree on a basic ethos of simple sanity.
There are so many criminal acts committed (that are not criminalised) which so few of us agree with or support. Yet we find ourselves powerless, even as a numerical majority, to stop the madness.
But superior numbers do not count for much among a divided people and the simple solutions will continue to evade us if we insist on overcomplicating what should be a very basic foundation of logically and morally sound law.
Only together can we truly change this world and only through a united morality, built on a common ground of sanity, can we truly come together to make this happen.

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