The Nations of Sanity talks a lot about uniting people on a common ground. A common ground of very basic, universally preferable and consistent morals.
Through the Non Aggression Principle (as defined by the Nations Of Sanity) we wish to unite all fair minded and good hearted people together.
However this movement is not only about uniting people it is also about dividing people.

While we wish to rally all the good people together we also wish to draw a very distinctive dividing line between all of us who share these very basic values and those of us who do not.
Because the Non Aggression Principle is literally about only prohibiting people from causing harm or loss to another (or threatening to cause harm) the only people who can logically oppose such an ethos are those who want to violate such a basic code, those who wish to cause harm or loss to others.
To draw a dividing line between those who do not want to cause harm or loss to others and those who do is to draw a dividing line that we truly need.

We need unity for sure, but we also need division.
The importance of uniting on a common ground of very basic morality is that we can draw a divide between those of us that share such a basic morality and those who don't.
Though we are of course diverse in so many ways, many of which should be celebrated, there is one area where we must be united.
This place of unity also marks the truest line of division between good and bad people. Because for all our differences people can, and should, be divided into two very distinct categories, those who support the Non Aggression Principle and those who do not.
Such division can be characterised as the divide between those who wish to violate others and those who wish to live in peace.
The Nations of Sanity wishes to separate the insanity from the sanity, by rallying all sane people together to finally overthrow the insanity that rules us.
If we put all other divisions as secondary and focus on the dividing line between those who respect the rights, liberty and freedom of other people and those who do not then our societies will finally make true progress, as civilisations worthy of the name.

For too long we humans have allowed the more superficial, petty and relatively meaningless differences to divide us while the most important divide, the one that actually matters, is ignored.
Division is good when it divides good people from bad. When it separates rapists, murderers, thieves and general violators and oppressors from good, honest and sane people then division is something we can treasure. Because the moral core that can unite so many of us can simultaneously draw a dividing line between us and our true enemies. The people with whom we have a real reason to be in conflict with.

False unity and pointless divides have facilitated the madness we currently live in and virtually all the problems of this world can be linked directly or indirectly to our failure as a species to draw the proper line of division clearly between those of us who believe in freedom and morality and those who do not.
The divide that truly matters is between the good people who mean no harm to anyone and the bad people who do mean harm to others.
When we draw this line of division then we only separate ourselves from those who believe that they have the right to violate others, who choose to rob, rape, murder, assault or subjugate other people.
Those who oppose our basic principles of morality are our true enemies.

Common sense tells us that we can still have our differences as people without forgetting the basic bond between us. We can still retain our diversity and accept that we will differ and disagree regularly, for all manner of reasons, so long as we remain united where it matters.
As long as we make sure we remember that only one divide is worth the conflict. Only one divide is worth fighting for.

So lets draw the only dividing line that is worth a damn, between good people who mean no one else any harm and bad people who, for whatever reason, wish to violate, subjugate, oppress, rob, rape, threaten, etc.
That is the only divide worthy of conflict, the only fight worth fighting. Lets draw a real line of division and wage war on the other side of that divide, as they have already waged war on us.
Remember that the people who oppose your most basic freedoms have already waged war on you.

There are so many real life examples of these petty and meaningless divides that distract too many of us from the division that matters and so much false unity that is projected and paraded, which allows our enemies to hide within our ranks.
But to step away from real life situations and use this very basic example we can see the fundamental problems associated with this failing.
Regardless of the reason for the divide, be it race, religion, nationality, culture or any other nuanced difference, people divide into various groups.
Such division is perfectly acceptable so long as it does not distract from the division that matters.
If we use the example of two hypothetical groups, lets call them group A and group B, who are divided in some manner for some reason (the specifics of which are unimportant) we can see where the problems of such division arise.
Let's say both groups consist of 100 people. Group A has 80 people who would, if given the opportunity, gladly agree to adhere to the Non Aggression Principle, and group B also has 80 people who, despite other differences, are like minded in this basic sense of morality and logic.
Both groups have 20 people among them who wish to violate these principles, let's say 10 thieves, 5 rapists and 5 violent murderers.
If each group fails to put their basic morality ahead of whatever petty difference divides them (be it race, culture, nationality, religion or some nuanced ideals) then they will likely fail to deal with their true enemies, both within their own group and those who invade from another group.
If one of the violators from group A was to rob, rape, assault or kill someone from group B the sane and sensible response would be for the good people from both groups to rally against such criminals. However, when each group allows their primary focus of division to be fixated on whatever divides group A from group B and fail to unite on the common ground of basic morality that they truly share, then the criminals among them will continue to run amok.
If group A and group B are in conflict then you have 100 people set against 100 other people who are not their enemies in any meaningful sense, while their true enemies (both those within their group and those from the other group) remain unchallenged.
Whereas if group A and group B unite on the common ground of basic morality then the 80 people from group A and the 80 people from group B can unite against the 20 criminals that lurk with in their own group and the 20 criminals that hide in the other group.
In this situation you would have 160 good people against 40 bad people. Ignoring the subjective differences allows the objective lines to be drawn.
It doesn't matter if, as would likely be the case in real life examples, the numbers/percentages of violators in each group are not the same, the basic principle is the same. If group A has only 60 good people and 40 violators, while group B boasts 90 good people and only 10 violators among their ranks, the basic principle remains the same and the lines of division that should be drawn do not change. It does not even change if the violators outnumber the good people when grouped into those categories. There is only one divide that is important enough to fight over and that is the only line of division we should draw when we declare war on our enemies, as it would be the only way to identify our true enemies.
It doesn't mean that group A and group B cannot retain their division. Whatever separates them can remain a divide if they wish it but what is important is that they recognise that, despite what differences they have, there is a fundamental unity they must retain and remain true to and a basic line of division that they must never forget.

Such an example may come across as overly simplistic and devoid of any nuances that are inevitable when dealing with real life, but this basic ethos can easily be applied to all real life situations.
The nuances of real life do not change the fundamental basics of this premise.
Whether it is uniting against the criminals who lurk within our ranks or against those who attempt to rule over us and oppress us from above, the fundamental principle remains the same.
By drawing an overriding line of division between the real criminals and those of us who wish to adhere to universal principles of basic morality we can return to the fight that matters. Good verses bad. Right verses wrong.

That is how we end the insanity and criminality that is not just rife in our societies but ultimately the governing force of it.
We make sure the dividing line that truly matters is drawn clear and firm and remains resolute.
We make sure that we have this one common ground that transcends other differences and this one divide that truly separates the good people from the bad.
The only hope we have in the fight for good against evil is to make sure that is the fight that takes precedence over all other potential quarrels, disputes and conflicts.
If we continue to let the fight between good and bad people be subverted and perverted to the point that meaningless conflicts distracts from this real divide, if we continue to allow fake unity to force us together then we will never see an end to the criminality that plagues our society.

We need to draw a line in the sand that both unites and divides.
Unite all good people on their true common ground. Then you will see the dividing line that truly matters, that overrides all other divisions, and is the only divide worthy of the fight.
No matter how much we may differ and disagree in other areas of life we must always remember the common ground that unites us and the line that truly divides us.

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