When it comes to equality that people advocate and fight for, there are 3 basic types.
Equal rights, Equal opportunity and Equal outcome.

It is vitally important to understand each of these and what they entail. 

Equal Rights is so important that it virtually defines what the Nations of Sanity demand and is the desired consequence of what we represent.
Equal Opportunity is a noble virtue we strive to achieve for both our collective benefit and its moral virtue. 
But Equal Outcome is an illogical pursuit that insidiously and with tragic irony conflicts with the other two to the point of being virtually an opposing ideology and pursuit. 

The reason why Equal Rights is demanded by the Nations Of Sanity is not just because it is the truest form of equality but also because it is precisely what defines a free and sane society.1136dw

So if you really want to fight for equal rights then join us in fighting for the only law that can and must apply equally to everyone and will, by definition, grant equal freedom and true equal rights.

When the NAP (Non Aggression Principle) is established as law, applied to all equally, then that simple law will give us equal rights and freedom. In fact this is the ONLY way we can have both equal rights and freedom because it is the only principle that can be universally applied as a moral demand.
Equal rights and freedom is the inevitable and desired consequence of establishing the NAP as law.

People need to properly consider what equal rights really means. It means you enjoy the same freedom that you grant to others.
The NAP grants that freedom by setting the universal standard that both defines and restricts it.
You are free to do what you want as long as you don't harm others. Everyone can agree to that.

So with Equal Rights established as the ultimate and truest form of equality, what about Equal Opportunity?
Though not a demand, the Nations Of Sanity also proposes ways to achieve equal opportunity, within the bounds of the NAP of course, and recommends such a pursuit because of the potential benefit for both the people enjoying these equal opportunities and to a society that will have a larger pool of human potential that is more likely to be maximised. 

The reason this is just a recommended pursuit and not a demand however is because it is not achievable in an absolute or pedantic sense because it is inevitable that certain inequalities in opportunity will occur in a free society.
For example, parents will work to provide advantages for their young and, regardless of whether this is considered a wise strategy or not, it is something they have every right to do.
Then you encounter even more unavoidable inequalities where it is simply not possible to guarantee everyone will have the same access to absolutely everything. We can't all have the same parents for example, we can't all know the same people and live in the same place and advantages and disadvantages will occur organically to a certain extent.
People will create advantages for others as well as themselves and some people will have opportunities that others don't and, as long as the NAP is not violated, there is no reason to resist this reality when you are dealing with such unique and finite opportunities.
So as long as people don't push this pursuit to absolute, literal and pedantic extremes, there is value in trying to provide equal opportunity from both a moral and a utilitarian perspective.
We can all benefit from a society that gives everyone a fair chance to show what they can do, where achievement is based on merit rather than other considerations.

That is what equal opportunity is about, trying to give everyone a fair chance. Doesn't need to be taken to ridiculous lengths and applied with pedantic detail, and it is not a pursuit we can impose on anyone, but a sensible approach to providing a basis of equal opportunity not only appeals to our own sense of fairness but has numerous obvious utilitarian benefits. 

Now we come to the pursuit for Equal Outcome.
One of the many sad tragedies of this world is that so many who claim to fight for equality demonstrate a complete failure to understand what it really means. 
Some have convinced themselves they are fighting for equal rights when the truth is often anything but and some have wilfully discarded any notion of or pursuit of equal rights, usually in favour of some twisted and illogical quest for equal outcomes and some kind of uniformity of result that flies in the face of diversity and individual qualities.

While equal rights does not guarantee equal opportunity it is possible to have both, but it is not possible for either of these forms of equality to coexist with the attempts to force equal outcome.
The fight for equal outcome is a fight against equal rights and equal opportunity.
If we have equal rights and equal opportunity we will not, as a matter of simple reality, have equal outcomes. 

With both rights and opportunity equal then it is ability that sets people apart and most sane people would agree that this is how it should be.
In other words, those striving for equal outcomes among a naturally diverse population, can only do so by opposing equal rights, equal opportunity, or both.

The Nations Of Sanity is fighting for equal rights because that is true equality. 
While we focus on the freedom, or more precisely the sanity, that comes from a free society that is created by having the Non Aggression Principle as law, another consequence and virtue worth this fight is the equal rights such a society provides.

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