I want to give you the what, why and the how that explains what the Nations Of Sanity is, why it is important and how it can achieve its goal.

First, what is the Nations Of Sanity?

The Nations Of Sanity is a would-be movement looking to establish the NAP (Non Aggression Principle) as the law, which would be done through a universal peace agreement. 
Essentially creating the basis for a free society otherwise known as "voluntarism".

For those who don't know what the NAP is, it is a principle that defines crime by whether or not you are causing harm or loss to another, or threatening or attempting to. It is not a pacifist principle and allows for the use of force in self defence or the defence of others but it strictly prohibits the initiation of force against peaceful people. 
It basically says that people should be free to live how they want as long as they don't harm others.

Why is this important?

The NAP represents an objective standard of universal morality. 
It is the only principle that can be enforced as law without violating anyone's freedom or ruling them in anyway.
It is the only principle that can be applied 100% equally to all, meaning that as a mathematical certainty it is the only standard for law that can give us equal rights under the law. 
It doesn't require anyone to have any rights or powers above anyone else, in fact it specifically prohibits such criminality. 
It doesn't require the initiation of force to enforce it as law. Again, it specifically prohibits such criminality.

If equal rights is a sincere pursuit then this is literally the only answer to achieving such a goal. 
No system is perfect but that is not our demand. We demand only sanity.
A society where we are all free to do what we want as long as we don't harm others is not utopia, it is sanity. That is what we are aiming for.

How can this be achieved?

There is a very good reason why we propose establishing the NAP as law through a peace agreement, essentially making this law the terms of peace between all people. 
Traditionally law has been established through ruling bodies and classes, governments, monarchs etc. Of course the NAP prohibits that anyone have the right to rule over another, so it cannot be established through governments or equivalent ruling entities. The only way it can be established, without contradiction or self violation, is through a peace agreement.

There is also a very good reason why our peace agreement is a 3 part agreement.

"Introducing our 3 part agreement"

Part 1 is the basic agreement to establish the NAP as law. The terms of peace between all people.
On the surface it may seem that this agreement is all that is required to establish the NAP as law, but there remains a problem when applying this to the real world. The problem is that while the NAP as a principle is clear and objective, people can still disagree on certain parameters and interpretations, where to draw the line.
This grey area has to be acknowledged and people must be given the freedom to make their own determinations within these grey areas, but there needs to be a line drawn that separates the grey areas from the black and white, a limit to the subjective.

Part 2 is the "lines in the sand". It is where we draw the lines that mark the limits of tolerance over differing interpretations and sets the parameters which separate the grey areas where we can agree to disagree from the black and white where we draw the line that we won't allow you to cross.
People can use voluntary means to persuade, encourage or discourage according to their ideals and preferences when dealing with the subjective nature of the grey areas, but regardless of prior agreement, when it comes to the black and white standards of the NAP the lines in the sand must be drawn.

Part 3 is about agreeing rightful ownership. Property rights only works when we all agree and understand who owns what, as well as what cannot be owned at all. 

Like part 2, this is essential for real world application and is easier to establish when we have the defining principle already agreed (part 1).

We suggest that such an agreement would facilitate a peaceful revolution where ruling governments can be replaced by voluntary collectives that, like all individuals, are subject to the same terms of peace that defines the law that applies to all equally. 
Higher ideals, preferences and even rules that go beyond the simple demands of the NAP can be established as part of voluntary collectives but they can only apply to those who agree to be part of such collectives and agree to be bound to such standards, whereas the law of the NAP applies to all equally and regardless of their agreement. 
The NAP would also demand that transition to a free society is done peacefully and without causing harm. We must be true to the same principle we fight for and our means must be true to our ends.


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