This is a message from the Nations Of Sanity to any and all sane people on this planet.
For Sanity's sake, we've got to get it together.

I know we've had our differences, all of us, and we will continue to have our differences. But those are subjective differences and while we will continue to disagree on virtually everything and anything (and so we should) we do need a common ground of basic sanity where everyone can come together and agree. 

If sanity is our only common ground then let that be the common ground that unites us against the insanity that rules over us and destroys the world around us. 
Let us define the basic standards of our common sense with an objective and universal morality. A universal morality to unite us all.

The Nations Of Sanity claims that the Non Aggression Principle represents this universal morality and, broken down into the 4 parts of the Non Aggression Agreement or "Sanity Agreement" and implemented as the overriding law of a free society, this principle could hold the key to overthrowing the current rule of criminality and insanity and replace it with an undeniably free and sane society.

If you too have recognised the disturbing absence of sanity being exercised in society, especially from the ruling forces, then you should consider joining an effort to do something about it.
When we recognise that the common denominator running through virtually all the injustices of this world is the inherent insanity then the solution becomes much clearer. 

The Nations Of Sanity is presenting that solution (or at least making the claim) and inviting you to join our efforts to put an end to the criminal madness that is currently claiming rule over this world (or challenge our claim).

We are not asking you to join a fight for any idealistic utopia. Just simple sanity is all we fight for and all we demand. Anything beyond the simple law of the NAP is left to free will.
We have brought it back to such basic standards of morality, as represented by the "do no harm" ethos of the NAP, precisely because it is the only standard that could unite all the good people and is the only standard we can rightly demand and fight for.
True freedom and equality.

It's a hard road
No change is ever achieved without considerable effort and while the factors against such efforts maybe plentiful and profound, there are some important factors in our favour.
Possibly our biggest weapon is the simplistic sanity and universal morality of our demands and proposals.
We all know that violation of the NAP is wrong, even those of us who have never actually heard of the Non Aggression Principle as a term understand this basic principle of morality and if we can all manifest that agreement into a tangible form of united action then there is no fundamental reason why we cannot use it to establish a sane and free society.

The reason the Nations Of Sanity claims to represent sanity is because the Non Aggression Principle is a representation of morality and logic that is simple and basic enough to be characterised as nothing more than sanity.
This truth may not be consciously recognised by all, but it is our assertion that this is a simple truth that all can recognise if they simply take the time to look and consider. 
It is our assertion that any and all sane people can and will recognise the basic principle of the NAP to be the logical basis for a sane and free society (and we challenge/request/beg anyone and everyone to dispute/refute this).

We are all so different but even among such diverse people we should still, as SANE people, be able to all agree on some basic and objective standards of morality.
We all know intuitively that doing harm to others is wrong, we don't need to achieve any great intellectual heights to understand that basic level of morality.

Anyone can, in theory at least, agree to law based on the Non Aggression Principle.
If we can do it in theory, then we can do it in practice, so lets get it done and give our species a fighting chance by establishing this rule of simple sanity as the universal law that grants us all true and equal freedom. 

The simple sanity of "do no harm to others" is simple enough for a child to understand and accept as moral and logical.
Many of us will teach our children this basic principle of "don't harm others" without even thinking of it as anything more than simple and basic morals that we all should adhere to.

When we look at all the horrors of this world and the numerous problems we face, the injustices, the needless suffering, criminality, death etc. There is a common thread that runs through virtually all the problems of this world and ultimately reveals itself to be the true root of evil.
That common denominator is the violation of the Non Aggression Principle.

We can all recognise real crimes and when we think about it there is a clear way to identify a real crime. Real crimes are violations of the NAP. The Non Aggression Principle is simple. If you are not harming others then you are free to exercise your freedom. If you are harming others then you initiating force not just against your immediate victim but against all free people.

The grey area where definitions are debatable can be pre agreed, and the limitations of the black and white standards can be pre declared.
To that end the Nations Of Sanity presents the Non Aggression Agreement or "Sanity Agreement" (we are still undecided over the better name and invite opinions on this too).
The Non Aggression Agreement is split into 4 parts.
Part 1 is the basic agreement.
Part 2 is the lines in the sand that defines the limits of tolerance, declaring the black and white. 
Part 3 is the optional agreement of consistent standards within the grey area for the sake of societal cohesion and
Part 4 is the agreement over rightful ownership that is required to clarify the administration of the NAP as law.
More info on this is found here

So can we get it together and unite in an effort to overthrow the rule of criminal insanity that is currently imposed on all nations of this planet?
Shall we at least try to find out?

This world is full of problems but THE ultimate problem, the root problem, is that we are on the wrong side of sanity.
Individually we feel powerless to change anything, but together in united effort we do possess the power to change this world.
We need to do this and we need to do this now, for sanity's sake!



0 #2 Efrain 2017-04-15 18:30
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+1 #1 bob byrne 2017-02-12 11:07
you got my vote well done and more power to you

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