Voluntary is fine, forced is a crime.

The Nations of Sanity aims to bring about a real revolution with an intentionally simple ethos of basic and objective morality, which we define here as simple sanity.
We present our case and ask all good people to kindly consider the points made and the proposals put forward and hope that we can motivate you to either join us in our efforts to support this movement or challenge it by scrutinising any part of it.

"It is our assertion that the only way to create a truly free society, with truly equal rights, is to establish the NAP (Non Aggression Principle) as the law. A law that is universally applied and established as the terms of a 3 part peace agreement.

For those unfamiliar with the NAP it is essentially a principle that defines crime by whether or not you are causing harm or loss to another (or at least threatening or attempting to).
Many may associate this principle with what is known as Natural Law or Common Law or simply just the basic sense of right and wrong that should apply to all equally. 
Ultimately, it is what most people would recognise in their hearts as simple sanity. 

If the NAP was established as the law then we would have a free society, almost by default, as governments would no longer be able to rule people and would basically cease to exist in their current form.
In its place we can still have everything else we associate with government, including law enforcement, because it does not require the power to rule over people to be able to serve and you do not need to violate the NAP to be able to enforce it, which is why this is the only law that could actually be applied 100% equally. 
Enforcing the NAP would, by definition, only involve self defence or the defence of others, so does not require anyone to have more or less rights than anyone else.

There is much more that the Nations Of Sanity offers, with respect to going into more detail and offering various solutions and answers to questions and issues that may arise. We've even drawn up a 3 part agreement which could establish the NAP as law (The Sanity Agreement/Non Aggression Agreement).
But when it comes to what we demand and what we think EVERYONE should unite in demanding, that is basically it.
Make the Non Aggression Principle the standard for law, a law that applies to everyone equally, and we will have, for the first time in recorded history, a truly free and sane society with true equal rights, true justice and a level of sanity that is actually worthy of the name."

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Articles expanding on the principles, proposals and goals of the Nations Of Sanity can be found on this webpage .
While they can all serve as stand alone articles, to read this like a book, the recommended reading order for each chapter is listed below.

1. What is the Nations of Sanity
2. What is the Non Aggression Principle according to the Nations of Sanity
3. The Sanity Agreement
4. Rulers or Leaders
5. Democracy - Ruler or Saviour
6. Unite AND Divide
7. Tax = Theft
8. Voluntary Socialism
9. The Left, the Right, and the Common Ground
10. The Price of Freedom = Tolerance
11. The Plan
12. The Challenge
13. Where the Desert meets the Grassland
14. Overthrowing the Government with the Nations Of Sanity
15. Universal Morality
16. The Beauty of the NAP
17. The Nations of Sanity in a Nutshell
18. Calling all Sane People
19. Introducing the Sanity Agreement/Non Aggression Agreement
20. Rightful Ownership in a Free Society
21. Anarchism - Coms vs Caps
22. Intellectual Property and copyright in a free society
23. What about the Children?

An advocate for the Nations Of Sanity appeared on a podcast of the excellent philosophy show Flagship Freedom. You can listen to this show, along with other podcasts, here
An advocate for Nations Of Sanity did a recorded debate with well known libertarian activist Adam Kokesh, which you can view here

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